Life is a gamble full stop my friend. The desire to swan about in limousines and beat the house could be perceived as a mite immature. Fantasies abound in the minds of those who are tethered to a desk somewhere, safe in their jobs in some suburban outpost. They dream of being a high roller and imagine the beautiful babes and the life, as some ad for an exotic perfume they might have seen on their TV screen. Concepts like, travelling the world on your terms, and making a living as a professional gambler reek of the dreams of teenagers and Peter Pans who have never grown up.

Traveling the World on Your Terms: Life as a Professional Gambler

The life of a professional gambler is all about numbers, crunching numbers and beating the odds to get an edge. It is about achieving a winning percentage over time. The numbers quoted are that a gambler must win 53 percent of the time just to break even, because bookmakers build a profit into their odds. Forget about casinos, because you can’t beat the house, as the song goes, not consistently and not in the long run.

Professional Gambling is a Business

The life of a professional gambler is akin to that of an accountant more than some Erol Flynn like adventurer. It is all about the numbers and has to be treated like a business if the pro gambler is to survive in this cutthroat contest. Bet online for free is flashed on banner ads across the digital spectrum to entice the mug punter in. Most gamblers do not bet in a business-like manner, they are enamoured of that winning feeling. Some become addicted to that buzz and lose big through their addiction. Legal help is often required to extract them from their problems.

Most Gamblers Lose & Regret It

Living life on your own terms is hard enough in reality, without the lure of lucre, piles of supposedly free cash to be had. Watch this stuff via Hollywood movies if you must, but keep it real when it matters, because the most common stories from gamblers is one of loss and regret. Loss of loved ones: wives, girlfriends and family. Loss of status: jobs, friends and your place in society. Loss of yourself and knowing who you are or were. Life is a gamble my friend; so keep it real.