It’s true that many city-folk yearn for even just the occasional day wandering among nature, and the notion of a month in the great outdoors is simply beyond their wildest dreams.

And yet in a very simple way I can’t help, when they sigh about their desire to get in touch with nature, but say to them “the answer is right here right now – touch yourself”.

They usually look at me somewhat startled or even aghast, as though I’m suggesting something obscene, but all I’m saying to them is much more innocent – touch for own arm, for it is nature. Touch your face, feel the skin, feel your hair, providing it hasn’t got too much bleach, peroxide, ammonia-based colouring or ‘product’ in it, your hair too is nature.

City-bound folk seem to sit in front of their computers all day and gradually they start to feel robotic – they get a sense that they are part of the capitalist machine – they are indeed robotic as they strive to please the boss.

Take for example my old buddy Sudha, who spends a lot of time working on the creation of a World Spiritual University which is due to be situated in the highlands behind Byron Bay. When he’s not meditating, doing yoga, or eating lentils, he sits in front of his computer all day using his writing skills creating content for an SEO company in the Sydney CBD.

Sudha is a year of the dragon, so he has a natural ability to fire up any moment with passion and enthusiasm, and he sees no difference between the flame of ideas and inspiration he brings while writing about topics such as plumbing, sharepoint, osteopathy, rubbish removal, or any other random topic.

It’s a rare person who can feel centred, at peace, and happy, while moving in and out of spiritually satisfying and supposedly spiritually destructive activities – to him it’s all the same joyous exploration of life.

But then he loves writing.

The key, as you will have heard it many times, is most likely balance.

If you’re doing something you’re not much supposed to enjoy, then make sure you harmonise your life by doing an equal amount of things you truly enjoy.