Spiritual Healing Benefits You And The People You Are Around

spiritual healingHow’s your life lately? Have you ever felt that you are stuck and going nowhere? If you do, then perhaps you might want to stop looking for the answers outside; start looking from the inside. You would be shocked to know that everything that you see around you is a reflection of who you really are, what you feel, and think deep within you.

If you want to move forward, have a much better life, you need to become a much better person than what you are before. One process you can make use of to do this is spiritual healing. You will be able to check yourself, know yourself from within, and your outside world would be different than what you are used to.

To give you an overview about spiritual healing, read on the following:

You Manage Stress Very Well

How are you doing when you manage stress? Do you snap out of the situation? Do you take it on people around people? Do you eat a lot to feel good and forget that you are stressed out? If you do, then you need to get through the day and go through spiritual healing. You will be able to react differently when you get stress and be more productive at the same time.

You Respond Well To Challenges

Life is all about facing challenges, going through them all and rising above them. If you happen to be one of the many who see challenges as something to avoid and not react proactively to them, then you need help. You need to change the inner game, what is inside you in order to come out as a fighter, and living through life coming up with choices that benefit you and the rest of the people around you.

You Give Out Positive Energy

Do you know that giving out positive energy can make you become a whole new better person by doing so? You will be able to see things quite differently. Wherever there are roadblocks, you see them as opportunities to grow. This is the kind of mindset you are going to use all through out your life. People might have even have this notion that you go through life quite easily. When in fact, what you are doing is basically emanating positive vibes.

You Treat People Differently Than Before

When you feel good inside, when you are no longer a prisoner of your own demise, you start to influence others. The way you see life would be through a much broader perspective. Then, people around you will start to see the difference, more so with the people you love. You do not snap at them right away. You treat them nicely and with respect not demoralizing them. Overall, you will have a harmonious relationship with each and every person you are interacting and mingling with.

Spiritual healing does not need to be this grand thing. You can start off with doing a recreational activity, staying outdoors, meditating an hour or two in a place where you can see nature, among more. Perhaps, you might want to travel to Australia and see Robert Kirby in person. He will be able to guide you along the way towards spiritual healing. The choice is really all up to you.

The Great Outdoors is Excellent Therapy For Kids with Learning Difficulties

Overall, learning difficulties can be explained as the chronic difficulty to spell, read, write and calculate.

Today, kids with learning difficulties are so common even at an extremely young age. Coping up with the school’s activities is an imminent danger for them. Thus, they have become a prime target for peer rejection, which eventually leads to low self-esteem.

However, this does not imply that they have sub-normal intelligence. If subjected to proper treatment and therapy, then they might as well turn out to be the most intelligent group ever.

This condition comes in many forms, some which include:

Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD)

It’s a condition where the brain has difficulties receiving and responding to content that comes in through the senses such as touch, hearing or taste.

In most cases, those who develop this condition, especially children, will exhibit unique traits such as being oversensitive to things in their environment, being uncoordinated, bumping into things, amongst other traits. Adults too are prone to this.

Auditory Processing Disorder (APD)

This constitutes an auditory condition where one is unable to process the meaning of sound. It’s often present right from early childhood, to the time one becomes older, where for some, it becomes extremely complex to decode information.

What usually happens is that the child can clearly hear the sounds perfectly although they can’t process the meaning.

Very often, the condition will lead to the deterioration of behavior, which is entirely due to poor expression and reception. As a result, children will become disconnected from both people and the environment due to the discouragements and frustrations arising from the misunderstandings.

But these do not sum up everything on kids with learning difficulties. In fact, we have many more other serious conditions such as autism, hyperactivity disorder, dyslexia, language difficulties, aphasia, name them, which in most cases have concurrent problems with auditory processing disorder. But this shouldn’t worry you anymore since a solution, a really better solution exists.

Natural treatments

Natural treatments designed to overcome these conditions have clearly shown to bear positive implications on the affected children.

The treatment aims at helping the child get better at things they are not good at and at the same time assists them to get used to things that are hard for them to tolerate. This procedure is normally referred to as sensory integration.

Of course, a child’s individual needs will have to be assessed first.

Thereafter, the child is usually challenged in a fun and playful way so that he/she can respond appropriately and be able to exhibit normal functioning.

The therapy comes in many forms, including Developmental, Relationship-based (DIR) model and Individual difference.

Parents should, for instance, spend about 20 minutes in multiple sessions of play with their child. In addition, it is advised that the parent should follow the child’s lead irrespective of the activity.

The great outdoors can be an excellent natural therapy for kids

One of the best natural therapies can be as easy as spending less time on internet or TV and choosing to be among nature and experience what the world wants all of us to see instead.

A friend of mine who happens to have an intelligent daughter with SPD tell me how her daughter absolutely finds it exhilarating being around horses. She gets so inspired and elated to the point that she entirely worships them. Being along nature is a great way for kids to learn naturally through experience and it’s also relaxing, calming and good for the souls of parents too.

So please don’t hesitate to go outside today. The beauty of nature will never let you down.

The Soulful Spirituality of Nature

It’s true that many city-folk yearn for even just the occasional day wandering among nature, and the notion of a month in the great outdoors is simply beyond their wildest dreams.

And yet in a very simple way I can’t help, when they sigh about their desire to get in touch with nature, but say to them “the answer is right here right now – touch yourself”.

They usually look at me somewhat startled or even aghast, as though I’m suggesting something obscene, but all I’m saying to them is much more innocent – touch for own arm, for it is nature. Touch your face, feel the skin, feel your hair, providing it hasn’t got too much bleach, peroxide, ammonia-based colouring or ‘product’ in it, your hair too is nature.

City-bound folk seem to sit in front of their computers all day and gradually they start to feel robotic – they get a sense that they are part of the capitalist machine – they are indeed robotic as they strive to please the boss.

Take for example my old buddy Sudha, who spends a lot of time working on the creation of a World Spiritual University which is due to be situated in the highlands behind Byron Bay. When he’s not meditating, doing yoga, or eating lentils, he sits in front of his computer all day using his writing skills creating content for an SEO company in the Sydney CBD.

Sudha is a year of the dragon, so he has a natural ability to fire up any moment with passion and enthusiasm, and he sees no difference between the flame of ideas and inspiration he brings while writing about topics such as plumbing, sharepoint, osteopathy, rubbish removal, or any other random topic.

It’s a rare person who can feel centred, at peace, and happy, while moving in and out of spiritually satisfying and supposedly spiritually destructive activities – to him it’s all the same joyous exploration of life.

But then he loves writing.

The key, as you will have heard it many times, is most likely balance.

If you’re doing something you’re not much supposed to enjoy, then make sure you harmonise your life by doing an equal amount of things you truly enjoy.

Walking Is Great For You – An Osteopaths View

Osteopathy works by helping our bodies build up a good health and well-being. It is considered to be an alternative form of medicine that focuses on the physical manipulation of the muscle tissue and bones. For this reason, many individuals find osteopathy to be a non intrusive approach in treatment especially since it does not require any intensive surgeries or operations. In addition, the field of osteopathy and its practitioners concentrate on treating their patients as a whole instead of focusing on one specific task. With that said, for osteopathy to work at its best, patients require to also do their share. The inclusion of several physical activities on a regular basis can help one with their osteopath treatment.

Exercise plays a very important role in keeping our bodies healthy and strong and they work relatively well with osteopathy as they are able to work hand in hand together. An exercise activity does not need to be overly strenuous and demanding for one to get the benefit of a healthy workout. For instance, walking is considered to be a very good exercise by many. One might take walking exercise lightly and for granted because it is considered to be an everyday normal activity. However, walking does add its fair share of good workout activity and you can even burn a fair amount of energy in the process.

Modern technological advancements have made it easier for us to travel and go to different places in a convenient manner. Several modes of transportation exist which allow for fast transport to any desired location. Sitting became a favorite pastime which made it even harder for one to go for a walk. It should be noted that an entire day of sitting or sitting for a long periods of time can lead to several health issues and concerns. The risk of being infirm and disabled increases and heart disease can develop even further. This is why it is advised to avoid sitting for long hours and start doing physical activity.

Many find walking to be a very good side activity that can be done in short bursts and at the same time, is able to help strengthen your heart. Aside from strengthening our heart, walking adds several health benefits which can anyone can take advantage for. For example, walking can help lower the development of several diseases aside from the heart. This includes diabetes, asthma and even some cancers. Furthermore, those who want to shed off some pounds can add walking to their exercise activity as it helps maintain your body weight as well as reduces the risk of obesity. Your bones also get much stronger granting a stronger immunity to osteoporosis.

Walking is indeed great for you. Put in the extra effort and increase your walking exercise. Take the stairs instead of the elevators and try talking instead of taking your car in shorter trips. This will definitely go a long way as it contributes in helping you achieve a good shape and form. Make osteopath treatment easy by making it the habit to walk on a regular basis.

Walking is a Must for the Elderly

Whether you like it or not, as soon as you reach your 60s, you would definitely begin to feel the need to become more careful with your health.  This is particularly true if you have been one of the many individuals who had this belief that you should live to fullest but in terms that are not very kind to your body.  In your youth, you have disregarded many of the doctor’s warnings as you continue to live a lifestyle that harms you.  In your old age, you would begin to feel the effects of what you have been doing in your heydays.  You may not have even thought of self managed super fund then.

Since your body is a lot frailer this time, there is certainly a need to make sure that you have proper exercise and diet.  There is no doubt that both demand so much sacrifice and discipline.  However, at your age, it is expected that you are mature enough to consider the prudence of doing so.  If you wish to exercise though, you really do not have to exert too much effort. You should not be doing what people in their 30s and 40s usually do on weekend mornings, such as jogging a couple of miles without stopping for a breather.  This would be too harsh on your body.

The best exercise for you would be to walk at a normal pace. You may think that this could be done inside the comforts of your own home.  Of course, that is true but that would not give you the best results. If you really want to make sure that you achieve positive results from your exercise, try walking a mile outside at least thrice a week.  Believe it or not, doing so would actually benefit you in a couple of ways.  First of all, it benefits your body.  Secondly, you have the time to think about other things while walking; the important ones such as your need for a self managed super fund.

Walking in the park would also be good for your social life. This is a chance for you to meet and converse with people.  Just because you are already old does not mean that you could no longer meet new friends.  Your world should continue to expand and this would not happen if you lock yourself inside your home.  You may even get to know more about a self managed super fund while talking with fellow elderlies as you cover a mile walking.

It is quite obvious that an exercise as simple as walking could already do wonders for you.  The catch is that those wonders are not just in the aspect of health.  The results are varied and holistic.  This is the reason why you should continue making a habit out of this exercise.  As you do, you should consider this as one of those rare moments when you actually have the time to think about your future, including the importance of a self managed super fund.

Fitness Considerations

We are regularly asked how fit one needs to be to join our walking tours.

You certainly need not be an athlete to come and walk with us! Many of our regulars are clients in their 60’s and 70’s and are still perfectly capable of meeting all the demands of the trail. The key is to walk regularly.

As a rule, you will need to be comfortable walking around fifteen kilometres per day over undulating terrain. This is the average distance covered on our walks, though this may vary depending on the track and any additional side trips the group wishes to take on a particular day.

Our six day tours average more like eighteen to twenty kilometres per day and so are slightly more demanding.

On our Self Guided Walks of course you set your own pace.

We avoid setting a fast pace as our tours are all about what one sees along the way, not how fast one moves from Point A to Point B. We hope you have joined us to explore this beautiful environment, and we encourage plenty of stops for taking in the views and taking photos, as well as catching one’s breath.

In terms of your physical preparation for your trip, you are of course welcome to consult a personal trainer or join a gym, though we find the best preparation is regular walking. It makes sense to prepare for your trip by engaging in the same exercise you will be undertaking on your walk, gradually increasing the distance you cover daily as you feel comfortable with it – comfortable in this sense means being able to talk as you walk.

Other ways to increase the intensity of your training are to introduce hills to your training route and to carry a day pack, perhaps increasing slightly the weight you carry. For example, add a couple of water bottles to your pack.