10 Amazing One Night Stands on Your Bucket List

We should all be able to cross out the “have a one night stand” in our bucket list, at least before we reach our menopausal period. One night stands are good, especially if you are trying to develop or improve your lovemaking skills. It is also ideal for those who recently got dumped. If you want to at least feel something good about yourself, having one night stands may help you in that pursuit.

Here are some amazing one night stands scenarios that you should include in your bucket list.

1. Travel to the city and hook up with a prostitute.

You can have a liaison in Sydney with professional sex workers. This way, you get to experience the best one night stands with smoking hot escorts and prostitutes. One of the ups to this is that everything is casual. Just pay them and get laid.

2. Have a one night stand with a date from OkCupid

OkCupid is one of the most popular dating sites today. Instead of looking for long-term romance, why not do things differently? Meet a guy or a girl from the site, ask him/her for a date and end it with a passionate kiss. But make sure that this kiss will end up the both of you naked and on a hotel bed.

3. Have a one night stand with a stranger from Craigslist

Yes, this may seem a bit nerve-racking. But hey, that is why bucket lists are made — to explore and experience new things.

4. Do let loose.

One night stands are perfect in exploring what turns you on the most. When you’re in bed with a stranger, just go with the flow. Let loose and enjoy the sex!

5. Try new sex positions.

Trust us, there are a lot of sex positions that you can try. The best time to try a couple of them is during your one night stand. For instance, sample doing doggy style oral, the double recliner or modified wheelbarrow. You can also search the Internet for sex positions that interest you.

6. Go black.

We all have fetishes regarding our sexual partners. Some like it big, or Asian, or black. Just know what it means by “Once you go black, you’ll never go back.”

7. Try to be sexually fluid.

If you’re a man, try the goods of another man. The same thing goes if you’re a woman. You don’t have to be gay or put some gender labels in order to do this. Just explore your sexuality and see if it is as exciting and as pleasurable with straight sex.

8. Do it out of bed.

Having sex in bed, while comfortable, can sometimes be lame. Add some spice in your one night stands by doing it in the bathroom, or in a cramped room, or perhaps in your car.

9. Explore your partner’s other “openings.”

Survey shows that 96 percent of men want to try anal. On one hand, 61 percent of women want to cross it out on their bucket list.

10. Engage in three-way fun.

Why not have a threesome during one of your one night stands. You can either invite a friend or a sex worker for your three-way fun. After all, your bucket list is all about firsts. Just make sure that you or your partner wears a condom.