Fitness Considerations

We are regularly asked how fit one needs to be to join our walking tours.

You certainly need not be an athlete to come and walk with us! Many of our regulars are clients in their 60’s and 70’s and are still perfectly capable of meeting all the demands of the trail. The key is to walk regularly.

As a rule, you will need to be comfortable walking around fifteen kilometres per day over undulating terrain. This is the average distance covered on our walks, though this may vary depending on the track and any additional side trips the group wishes to take on a particular day.

Our six day tours average more like eighteen to twenty kilometres per day and so are slightly more demanding.

On our Self Guided Walks of course you set your own pace.

We avoid setting a fast pace as our tours are all about what one sees along the way, not how fast one moves from Point A to Point B. We hope you have joined us to explore this beautiful environment, and we encourage plenty of stops for taking in the views and taking photos, as well as catching one’s breath.

In terms of your physical preparation for your trip, you are of course welcome to consult a personal trainer or join a gym, though we find the best preparation is regular walking. It makes sense to prepare for your trip by engaging in the same exercise you will be undertaking on your walk, gradually increasing the distance you cover daily as you feel comfortable with it – comfortable in this sense means being able to talk as you walk.

Other ways to increase the intensity of your training are to introduce hills to your training route and to carry a day pack, perhaps increasing slightly the weight you carry. For example, add a couple of water bottles to your pack.